With .86% Margin, Beasley/Day School Board Primary Too Close to Call

The County Board of Elections will process provisional ballots and mail-in absentee ballots this week

Preliminary election results show incumbent Travis Day, right, is .86 percent ahead of challenger Andrea Phillips Beasley. The two are facing off for the Republican nomination for Carteret County Board of Education.

With an estimated 130+ provisional ballots to count and an unknown number of mail-in ballots yet to be received county wide, one local Republican primary is too close to call.

Candidates Andrea Phillips Beasley and incumbent Travis Day, who faced off for the Board of Education District 4 nomination, are separated by a margin of just 14 votes, or .86 percent.

That percentage could fluctuate up or down in the coming days depending on the number of provisional and absentee ballots applicable to District 4. If the margin remains less than 1 percent after those ballots are added to the current totals, either candidate can request a recount.


In a statement early Wednesday afternoon, Beasley said a recent adjustment to align County Board of Education districts with County Board of Commissioner districts may end up playing a role in the outcome.

“It looks like we will have to wait on a final decision due to the number of provisional ballots,” she said. “Fourteen votes is a small number, especially considering the amount of confusion due to the new district lines. While we all would have preferred a quick answer it seems we may have a couple weeks before anything is decided.”

The Beacon has not yet received comment from Day.

County County Elections Director Caitlin Sabadish said her office would be counting ballots through Friday, then will meet next week to discuss those results.

Even if uncounted ballots end up pushing one candidate ahead of the other by a margin exceeding 1 percent, the Board of Elections has the authority to call for a recount.

Republican Primary – Carteret Board of Education, District 4

The presumed winner of each precinct is in bold, and each candidate’s home precinct is in italics. The results below are preliminary and may be adjusted as provisional and absentee ballots are counted.

PrecinctBeasleyDayTotals by Precinct
Emerald Isle385382767
Atlantic Beach117174291
Pine Knoll Shores169109278
Morehead City 195112207
Indian Beach/Salter Path333669
DISTRICT 4 TOTALS7998131,612