Our Contributors

As a grassroots project, the Beacon depends on contributions from readers. It doesn’t require subscriptions and it doesn’t restrict page views per month, and we’re able to do it because of the community of supporters who have financially contributed to The Eastern Beacon since day one. We give our sincerest gratitude to everyone who has become a part of this publication.

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The Beacon is made possible by these community supporters:

Kim Safrit
Liz Kopf
Tracy Huley
Sarah Jo & Leonard Safrit
Kathy Revels
Doreen Warner
June & Randy Phillips
Julia Royall
Allison & David DuBuisson
Kathy Terwilliger
Kent Brondel
Jane Freeze
Cheryl Kirchner
Jerry Cox
Worlds Away Import
Edith Militano
Marcie Carroll
Michelle Nolin
Daniel Turnage
Denise Greer
Tipper and Patti Davis
Heather & Scott Walker
Kris Hunt
Kathy & Guy Robert
Anna & Dick DeButts
Tom Hesselink
Alice Brearey
Rhonda Gardner
Virginia Yopp
Miriam Sutton
Jennifer Wuester

Cindy Cash
Kelly Stainback
Paula Ward
Joyce & Fred McCune
Grey & Jessica Sabiston
Gina Holland
Liz Ponder
Alan Shelor Real Estate
Carol Remy
Helen Meelheim
LaNelle Davis
Tammy Weiland
Susan Schmidt
Captain’s Quarters Stained Glass
Pene diMaio
John Wade
J Karl Finley
Trisha Hoehn
Taylor Piner
Elizabeth Seigler
NC Coastal Life
Catherine Elkins
Joe Canosa
Hollis Powell
Will Foster
Barbara Blake
Lorna Bertino
Lynn Sutton
Zack & Kelley Leach

The businesses and organizations who advertise with us (give them a click!)
The Beaufort / Down East Discussion Facebook Group at large
And, above all, the love, patience and quiet support of my husband, Richard Phillips.