Sub-Road Sewer Inspections to Start Monday; Traffic May be Impacted


The Town of Beaufort will begin a week of closed-circuit television inspections of parts of the town’s sewer system Monday, Sept. 16. The work is expected to last through Friday.

Traffic impacts are possible due to the sewer’s location underneath town streets, and drivers should expect altered traffic patterns in areas to be inspected. The contractor is to provide traffic control devices such as cones and barriers together with signage to allow for the safe movement of road users through the work zone.

Inspections will be taking place in the following locations:


• Cedar Street between Moore Street and Marsh Street
• Turner Street between Pine Street and Cedar Street
• Craven Street between Pine Street and Mulberry Street
• Marsh Street between Broad Street and Mulberry Street
• Campen Road between Lockhart and Wellons Drive
• Mashburn Drive

The work will be performed between 8 am and 5 pm, and the contractor will notify residents in the immediate area before work begins on each street.

Closed circuit television inspections of the sanitary sewer system are used to assess pipe condition and identify problems or possible future failures which need attention.

The CCTV process also identifies the piping condition to allow for replacement prior to failure. The work first involves cleaning of the line to be inspected. Water is pumped through a hose to a special nozzle with enough pressure to whisk away debris. The debris and water are collected during the process for proper disposal. The cleaned line is then viewed using a specialized camera which makes a video recording.

For more information about inspections and impacts, contact Town Hall at 252-728-2141.