Republican Greg Murphy Takes District 3 in Special Election


Republican Greg Murhpy won North Carolina’s Third Congressional District Special Election Tuesday, Sept. 10, beating out Democrat Allen Thomas, Libertarian Tim Harris, and Constitution Party member Greg Holt.

Murphy, who is currently serving in the NC General Assembly, released a statement on his victory via Facebook Tuesday night:

“Tonight was a victory for the people of eastern North Carolina. I thank you all for your prayers and support. The campaigns are now over and the real work begins. I look forward to being the servant of each one of you in eastern North Carolina—Democrat, Republican and unaffiliated. It is time for all of us to come together. You have my pledge to serve with honesty, integrity and purpose. I do this not for myself but for you all and the glory of our God. Please pray for my wife and me and our family.”


Murphy won 61.7 percent of the vote overall and 67.5 percent of the vote in Carteret County. More than 113,607 Third District voters cast a ballot in the election – a turnout of 21.2 percent. Turnout across the entire state for the regular 2018 election was 53 percent.

Thomas won 37.5 percent of the vote overall and 31.7 percent of the Carteret vote. Harris took .3 percent overall and .42 percent in Carteret, and Holt took .4 percent overall and .38 percent in Carteret.

Thomas conceded the election in a speech to campaign members and supporters in New Bern last night:

“We did this today, we have built a foundation of something that we’ll look back on in a number of years and be able to say this was the first step, this was the step where we brought the focus about what was really important to Eastern North Carolina.”

Neither Harris nor Holt had released a statement as of press time.