Positive Changes to a Trashy Problem


To the Editor:

My husband returned last week from a trip to our Davis Convenience Site raving about the new attendant there and how conscientious he was. The next evening while visiting with friends, our host spoke enthusiastically about the great changes at the Otway Convenience Site and the attention the staff gave to informing residents what goes where.

On my visit to the Davis Site a few days ago I saw an attendant fish a cardboard box out of the construction bin, break it down and carry it across the site to put into the cardboard recycling bin. I was thrilled.

No big deal you may think. However, these are significant changes in the way these Sites are addressing our recycling and waste. My hope is that this attention by knowledgeable staff is now widespread throughout Carteret County.

What is different? In November of 2018 Waste Industries was bought by GFL Environmental, a Canadian company that is now in 20 states in the U.S. GFL stands for Green for Life. We are now seeing the effects of this acquisition.

We are also seeing the effects of a greater public concern about litter. There are now more roadsides being picked up whether by state contractors or through volunteer pick ups organized by our County Big Sweep coordinator, local residents, and organizations. The County Convenience Sites now have signs telling people to secure their loads.  We can now make a point of eating at Ocean Friendly Establishments.

There are many ways we can ensure our plastic stays out of our ocean (and out of our seafood) and that our clean roadsides will make us proud to live here. Let’s keep working at it.

I am seeing a difference. I hope you are as well.

With appreciation,

Susan DeWitt Wilder

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