PHOTOS: Widespread Tidal Flooding Across Eastern Carteret Monday

Town of Beaufort officials had to close portions of Front Street on Monday due to tidal flooding. (Rachel Johnson)

We will update this story as more images are available. Send flood photos with the photographer’s name and the date/time/location: [email protected]

Updated 3:45 pm: Highway 70 outside of Beaufort is clear. Tides are peaking in the northern areas of Down East now. Water is flooding roadways in and around Davis, Stacy, Cedar Island, etc.

Updated 2:15 pm: More photos have been added below


Areas of highway 70 north of Beaufort are overwashed and traffic is crawling. We saw overwash at two places between North Harbor neighborhood and East Carteret High School. Part of the road ahead of the North River bridge, on the Beaufort side, is also overwashed. The tide has started to recede in those areas.

Front Street has reopened.

Original Story: Reports of tidal flooding across Carteret County, especially in the eastern region, began pouring into social media late Monday morning.

High tide just peaked in Beaufort at noon and will peak at areas north and east of town throughout the early to mid afternoon hours.

Town of Beaufort officials blocked off portions of Front Street just before noon today, and other county roads are reportedly nearly impassable.


The exceptional tide follows a weekend-long nor’easter that impacted the area with high winds and inches of rain. Although the area saw very high tides during the storm, today’s tides have been even higher for most areas.


Highway 70 North of Beaufort


Harkers Island

Bettie Area


Front Street, Beaufort

Hwy 101, Beaufort

Calico Creek, Morehead City

Mill Creek

Mill Creek Rd. around 12:30 Monday (Cori Herring)