On the Agenda: Beaufort Board of Commissioners March Meeting


The Town of Beaufort Board of Commissioners (BOC) will meet 6 pm Monday, March 9, at the Train Depot for their regular monthly meeting.

Below is a rundown of agenda items slated for discussion (unless otherwise noted). If supporting information is available in the official agenda packet found here.

Featured Items

Odor Control at Beau Coast

Blue Treasure, LLC, developers of the Beau Coast neighborhood off of Lennoxville Road have requested the board authorize the installation of an odor scrubber at the nearby wastewater treatment plant. Representative Karl Blackley said odors from the plant are impacting marketability of the housing development.


The developers have offered to pay for the scrubber, then the town would be responsible for maintenance, including the cost of replacing a media filter every 5-10 years at the cost of $50,000. Other costs include electricity, estimated at $1,500 per year, and replacing the fan every 5 years, averaged out to $500 per year.

The scrubber does not use supplemental chemicals or water, and the waste it produces is a biodegradable compound suitable for landfill discard.

Blackley also asked the town if the developers could build an infiltration basin at their own cost and retain the excavated material to use as fill dirt.

In the future, Blackley said Blue Treasure plans to build another neighborhood that would include duplexes and single family homes at a lower price point than Beau Coast, where single family homes start in the $300,000 range.

Bulkhead Channel Dredging

The red circle shows the location of Bulkhead Channel that is most prone to shoaling. The dredging project in question would expand the dredging area 50 feet to the east of the channel. (North is to the left)

Bulkhead Channel, located between Beaufort and Radio Island/Piver’s Island, is regularly dredged due to shoaling. One area at the southern end of the channel fills up quickly.


The BOC indicated it was interested in appropriating funds to dredge an extra 50-foot area east of the existing channel, which is expected to prolong the period between regular dredging.

The cost of the project is $384,000, split between a state grant of $206,400 and the town. The town’s portion of the project would be paid for with $74,400 in leftover funds from last year’s dredging budget, this year’s dredging budget of $85,000 and $18,200 that would be taken from the town’s general fund and re-appropriated for public works.

Certify Lower Speed Limit on Cedar Street

The Board of Commissioners (BOC) requested in December that NCDOT lower the speed limits on all of Cedar Street and the section of Tuner Street south of the Turner Street Bridge to 25 mph. DOT responded that the Turner Street speed limit of 35 mph north of Cedar Street is appropriate and will not be changed. However, it did agree to change the speed limit on Cedar Street to 30 mph.

The BOC will discuss certifying the DOT’s decision.

Other Items

Several annual events that require road closures and town resource support are on the agenda for BOC approval:

  • Wooden Boat Show, May 2
  • Crystal Coast Half Booty Triathlon, May 9
  • Beaufort Ole Town Rotary Historic Beaufort Road Race, July 18
  • Pirate Invasion. Aug. 7-9
  • Lion’s Club Bridge Run, Nov. 7