On the Agenda: Beaufort Board of Commissioners February Meeting


The Town of Beaufort Board of Commissioners (BOC) will meet 6 pm Monday, Feb. 10, at the Train Depot for their regular monthly meeting.

Below is a rundown of agenda items. If supporting information is available in the official agenda packet, you can click “jump to it” to skip directly to that section.

Featured Items

Project Update on Randolph Johnson Park

Town staff will give a presentation on the status of the Randolph Johnson Park project. The project is months behind schedule due to contractor delays. Once finished, the park will feature a splash pad, playground, music garden and green space.


Approve Grant Process for Utilities/Roads Improvements

The town is eligible for grants and low interest (1.75%) loans from the US Dept. of Agriculture to fix failing utilities and roads. To apply, the town must do a preliminary engineering report, which can be done in-house in 12-18 months time or by a contractor in 6 months time.

Town staff are asking the BOC to approve hiring Rivers and Associates to do the preliminary engineering rather than doing the work in-house. The town’s cost would be $43,000 for engineering work on the water distribution system and $44,000 for engineering work on the wastewater collection system.

These USDA grants and loans would fund $14-18 million in work on the town’s roads, sewer and water lines. This project is separate from a $3.6 million street project budgeted for 2020 that is expected to begin by summer.

Approve Resolution Supporting BMS Breezeway Construction

Mayor Rett Newton introduced this topic at the January BOC work session, and the BOC voted to add it to the consent agenda. Beaufort Middle Schoolers have classes in two separate buildings that are not property secured. This consent item approves a resolution requesting that the County BOC and Board of Education allocate funds to construct a breezeway between the two.

Beaufort does not have jurisdiction over county schools, but Newton said the issue has “been on the list for years” and not been fixed. “This is another thing we need to raise to the surface it needs to be addressed,” he said.


Beaufort Police Chief Paul Burdette said the issue is a “major concern” for them. Jump to it

Other Items

  • Presentation – Three new members of town staff will be introduced: Lieutenant Joel Marino, Firefighter James Graham, Firefighter Michael Linz.
  • ConsentBudget amendment to appropriate funds for the demolition of a building at 400 Pollock Street. The board appropriated funds last fiscal year, but demolition was stalled as the town worked with the building’s owners and private individuals to sell the property. However, those efforts were unsuccessful. The building was formerly the Godette Hotel but has been empty for years. Jump to it
  • Discussion – Budget amendment to decrease revenues from the Utility Fund and move $30,000 from the Capital Reserve Fund to the Utility Fund. Jump to it
  • Discussion – Two other budget amendments are on the table, one of which would use revenues from auctions and sales to purchase a small work van for janitorial staff. Jump to it