Updated: Morehead High Rise Damaged by Major Wreck


Updated 9 am Friday

The Morehead City high rise bridge was closed for about nearly 2 hours after a major wreck Thursday morning involving four vehicles.

First responders had to cut the roof off of one vehicle to reach one or more victims, and a second vehicle damaged a bridge guardrail.


All of the drivers and passengers involved in the wreck were in stable condition as of Thursday afternoon according to Morehead City Police.

DOT workers were about to install a temporary guardrail when a second wreck happened, which also resulted in the closing of the bridge.

The temporary rail was installed after the second wreck, which did not damage the bridge any further, was cleared. It will be replaced with a permanent rail at a later date, but the timing of the replacement is “material dependent” according to a DOT spokesperson.

Alec Burrow witnessed the accident. In a Facebook post, Burrow said that he was about 30 feet behind the vehicles involved. “(I) felt the shock wave in my chest,” he posted. “I was so close, my vehicle got hit with debris.”

Burrow said everyone pulled from the wrecked vehicles was alive and no children were involved. The accident was a head-on collision and that traffic was moving at about 50 mph.


More than a dozen emergency vehicles from Beaufort, Morehead and Atlantic Beach responded to the wreck, including several EMS squads.