Local Doctors: To Save Lives, County Should Be Locked Down


As volunteer physicians at the Broad Street Clinic in Morehead City, we help care for more than 900 low income patients without medical insurance, most of whom have high risk medical problems. They are just some of the county residents who are at extremely high risk if they contract the coronavirus, Covid 19.

We have good healthcare facilities in the county, but they will become quickly overwhelmed when we experience the expected rapid increase in infected residents, as is already occurring in New York, California, Louisiana and Washington State.

Our available hospital beds, ICU beds and ventilators won’t be sufficient for the large surge, and patients will die unnecessarily. No one wants to die lying on the floor in a hospital corridor, but it’s happening in other places — now!

The ONLY way to influence our outcome will be to “lock down” the county, as well as the state, and hopefully “flatten the curve” of infection rate. Yes, this will impose a significant hardship on many people in the short term, but failing to do so will be more catastrophic.

Frederick C Heaton MD
Paul Woodard MD
Darryl Falls MD

Broad Street Clinic
Morehead City