King Tide to Last Through End of Week


Tides will be extra high and extra low this week thanks to the first King Tide of the year. The King Tide began Sunday and will last through Saturday, March 14.

King Tides occur when a full or new moon coincides with a lunar perigee – when the moon is closest to earth. We will have a full moon tonight, Monday, March 9, followed by the peak of the lunar perigee tomorrow.

In Beaufort, high tides have been exceeding predictions. This morning’s high tide at Duke Marine Lab was predicted to be 3.75 feet, but was measured at 4.38 feet.


The next King Tide will occur April 7-13.

Here’s a look at the King Tides and expected higher and lower tide events for the rest of the year, prepared by the North Carolina King Tides Project: