DOT Will Pick Up Hurricane Debris Until Thanksgiving


N.C. Department of Transportation contract crews began removing Hurricane Dorian-related debris along state maintained roads in four counties, including Carteret, Friday.

The cleanup follows the decision last month by the Federal Emergency Management Agency to approve Governor Roy Cooper’s request for a disaster declaration.

The approval allows NCDOT to request federal funding reimbursements for the cost of debris removal. After the declaration was made, NCDOT lined up a contractor to remove Dorian-related debris in Carteret, Craven, Jones and Pamlico counties.

Debris includes vegetative, construction, and demolition as well as large electrical goods like a dishwashers or refrigerators.

Debris must be brought into the right-of-way – the area alongside the road – to be removed. Contract crews will not go onto private property or streets not maintained by NCDOT to pick up the debris. 

Once in the right-of-way, residents need to create separate piles for each type debris. For example, vegetative and construction/demolition debris should not be combined. If there are commingled piles, NCDOT will not pick it up until it is separated. 

NCDOT will continue to pick up debris if it is placed into the right-of-way before Thanksgiving and follows the NCDOT’s guidelines.