DMF Seeking Input on Shrimp Fishery Restrictions


The N.C. Division of Marine Fisheries is seeking input from the public on potential management strategies for Amendment 2 to the Shrimp Fishery Management Plan.

Fishermen and other stakeholders can attend a scoping meeting from 6-8 pm, Monday, Jan. 13 at the DMF office in Morehead to provide comment on the development of Amendment 2.

A news release from DMF states, “The amendment will examine management strategies to further reduce bycatch of non-target species in the shrimp trawl fishery and potential changes to existing shrimp management strategies.”


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The amendment is in the scoping stage, which is the first phase of development. Once feedback is received, DMF will create a draft of the amendment and release it for public comment.

DMF has identified the following management issues and strategies related to the development of Amendment 2:

Bycatch Reduction–Effort Control

  • Adding additional day(s) of the week for closure
  • Creating closed seasons in internal coastal waters (estuarine) and the Atlantic Ocean (0‐3 miles)
  • Headrope reductions

Bycatch Reduction–Area Restrictions

  • Closing additional areas to shrimp trawling (such as bycatch hotspots)
  • Develop migration corridors and close them to shrimp trawling

Shrimp Management–Size Restrictions

  • Eliminate shrimp management by size
  • Adjust target opening sizes

Habitat–Area Restrictions

  • Closing critical fish habitat areas to shrimp trawls

Those who cannot attend the meeting can provide written comments through an online form or by mail: Shrimp Amendment 2 Scoping Comments, P.O. Box 769, Morehead City, NC, 28557.

Comments must be submitted or postmarked by 5 pm, Jan. 21.