COVID-19 Carteret County Government Update 3: Schools


Released by Carteret County Emergency Services Director Stephen Rae at 8:29 pm March 14:

As many of you are aware, Governor Cooper ordered all NC Public Schools closed starting Monday, March 16 for a period of at least two weeks. Beginning, Monday, March 16, 2020, there will be no school for students until further notice. Monday will be a mandatory workday for all staff members. Students will be allowed to come pick up personal items from 8:00am to 3:00pm on Monday.

We understand you may have many more questions, as do we. We also are working with our Child Nutrition leaders to coordinate a plan for making meals available for our students during this time. We will provide more information, as we are meeting as a district-level leadership team and with state leaders tomorrow at 3:00pm.


We wanted to get this message out early for those of you that may have not been able to see the Governor’s press conference and to allow you time to coordinate for child care services, if needed. We are one family, with one mission, we are the Carteret County Public School System. We are Carteret Strong and will remain Carteret Strong. Thank you and more information will be forthcoming tomorrow.

The new coronavirus causes a disease called COVID-19. Infected individuals may experience fever, cough, or breathing trouble. Though most will only experience mild symptoms, the disease can lead to severe illness or death in some patients, particularly the medically fragile.