COVID-19 Carteret County Government Update 23: Recoveries


Release by Carteret County Emergency Services Director Stephen Rea March 26 at 12:15 pm.

As of 11:15 am, March 26, 2020, Carteret County has no new confirmed cases to report.

Of the five previously confirmed cases, two of the cases have recovered and are off isolation. The two recovered patients completed the necessary isolation requirement and have been free of COVID-19 symptoms for at least 72 hours. The recovered patients are now able to continue with daily functions.


Stephanie Cannon, Carteret County Health Director, stated “Although the County does not have any new cases to report at this time, the NC Department of Health and Human Services (NCDHHS) guidelines now state individuals with mild symptoms of COVID-19 should call their doctor and self-isolate.

“Testing is directed for individuals who are very ill, those who are hospitalized, people in high-risk settings, and healthcare workers/first responders assisting with the COVID-19 response. People at high-risk of getting very sick with COVID-19 should call their doctor if they develop symptoms of fever or cough.

“With these guidelines, it is more important than ever to stay home as much as possible, be vigilant in your social distancing practices, and to frequently wash your hands.”

Enclosure: NCDHHS Patient Guidance Document, linked here.