County Prohibits Hotel, Vacation Rentals Effective Immediately


The Carteret County Board of Commissioners has amended their March 19 State of Emergency proclamation late Monday afternoon to prohibit the rental of a hotel room, motel room, rental housing unit, condominium, RV campsite, primitive campsite, or similar accommodation for less than 30 consecutive days through April 29, effective at 5 pm today, March 30.

The release was sent out just after 5 pm today.

Earlier today, the county health department announced that a person visiting the county from Virginia died from COVID-19.


In the March 19 order, the county BOC officially discouraged visitors from coming to the county, unless they owned property within county limits. Today’s updated proclamation does not add or delete any language relative to second homeowners or other property owners.

The order exempts contractors and employees performing essential services within Carteret County. The local proclamation does not define “essential services.” Gov. Roy Cooper’s order to shelter in place – which went into effect today at 5 pm – defined services considered essential by the state here.

The local proclamation states that visitors who are currently residing in their short-term rental may remain their until the expiration of the rental agreement currently in place, but only so long as they do not return home before coming back to complete their rental time.

The proclamation is intended to further slow the spread of COVID-19 in Carteret County, the release stated.

The full text of the update is below. The full state of emergency order can be found here.


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