County Passes Resolution in Support of Second Amendment Rights


Carteret has become the 61st county in North Carolina to adopt a resolution declaring intent to protect citizens’ second amendment rights.

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County commissioners unanimously approved the resolution at their regular monthly meeting Monday, Feb. 17. No one spoke for or against the issue during the public comment period that followed the vote.


The resolution states in part:

“Whereas, the Carteret County Board of Commissioners is concerned about any effort by the North Carolina General Assembly or United States Congress to enact legislation infringing upon a citizen’s individual right to possess a firearm and to use a firearm for traditionally lawful purposes as the United States Supreme Court has interpreted the Constitution;

“Now therefore let it be resolved by the Carteret County Board of Commissioners shall respect, protect, and defend the Second Amendment Rights of the citizens of Carteret County;

“Let it further be resolved that the Carteret County Board of Commissioners will oppose, within the limits of the Constitution of the United States and the State of North Carolina, any efforts to unconstitutionally restrict such rights…”

The vote was prompted by a local pro-second amendment group lead by Ike Rettenmair who rallied the support of County Sheriff Asa Buck, County Manager Tommy Burns, and state Lieutenant Governor Dan Forrest — who is running for governor — in the days leading up to the resolution.


Carteret County Democratic Party Chair Katie Tomberlin issued a statement ahead of the Monday evening vote questioning the need for such a resolution as second amendment rights are entrenched in the US Constitution.