County High Schools Rise to Top of State Rankings; District Improved Overall


As a group, Carteret County’s high schools received the number one spot on the state’s School Performance Grade (SPG) ranking for the 2018-2019 school year according to the county school system.

SPG is measured by end-of-grade and end-of-course testing.

East, Croatan and MaST received SPGs of “A.” West received a B, missing an A grade by one point. Last year only Croatan received an A grade. Bridges School follows different accountability standards and was not included in the report.


Overall, three schools earned SPGs of “A” and 12 earned SPGs of “B.”

Two schools, Newport Elementary and the combination Smyrna Elementary and Down East Middle school, received C grades. Those schools met state growth standards in math, but negative reading growth indexes brought their overall grades down.

Last year, the school system received one A, nine Bs and six Cs.

SPGs from Carteret County public schools

“Carteret County Public Schools showed exceptional improvement on the state’s annual School Performance Grade accountability measurement,” stated a Tuesday news release from the school system.

Superintendent Mat Bottoms said this year’s scores are especially impressive considering the 15 instructional days students missed last year due to Hurricane Florence.


“These significant increases reflect the grit and determination of our teachers in their delivery of instruction and of the students in their comprehension and hard work,” Bottoms said.

“Despite many, many students and many employees losing their homes in the hurricane and having to move, or living in homes that were heavily damaged, test scores increased. These students and employees faced adversity, social and emotional challenges, and they excelled. I cannot say enough about the resiliency of our community and the importance our families and teachers place on each student’s education.”