County Commissioners are Frustratingly Silent on COVID-19


It has been almost a month since Governor Cooper shut down North Carolina due to the Coronavirus pandemic. In Carteret County, which relies heavily on the tourism and service industries to remain fiscally healthy, the effects of the shutdown are dramatic.  Non-profits, churches, community organizations, and an overwhelming number of kindhearted residents have helped keep their neighbors fed. However, families that were barely staying afloat prior to the pandemic are drowning in fear, stress, and debt. 

Aside from participating in a few Commissioner meetings, our current County Commissioners are frustratingly silent. Outside of their prescribed meetings, not one commissioner has publicly provided the general public with leadership. There are no updates, sources of helpful information, a call to help residents, or recognition of the organizations and individuals who have stepped up.  

We deserve to know that our elected officials care about us and will help get the county back on its feet. We deserve to have our county government acknowledge the many struggles and hardships our neighbors are experiencing. We should demand our commissioners bear the responsibility of leadership they were elected to fulfill.


If elected to the Board of Commissioners in November, I promise to be a voice for those who have felt ignored, neglected, and disenchanted by our current board. Our county is entitled to a leader who cares more for the people than the power. 

Liz Ponder
Candidate for Carteret County Board of Commissioners 

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