Contractor at Fault for North River Bridge Crane Collapse


The contracting company working on the North River Bridge project is at fault for the January 31 collapse of a small crane that blocked the road for two hours and damaged railings on the new bridge.

The contractor, Carolina Bridge Co. of Orangeburg, South Carolina, accepted responsibility for the incident according to an NC Dept. of Transportation spokesperson.

The company will repair the damaged rails at no expense to NCDOT.


According to an NCDOT engineer, the crane’s boom became over-stressed with a side load while dismantling the old bridge, which caused the crane to collapse onto the new bridge.

“The collapse was caused due to over stressing the boom with a side load,” NCDOT Spokesperson Lauren Haviland said. “The side load was caused by attempting to pull an existing battered pile – angled, not straight up and down – along the axis of the pile.”

Piles are the vertical beams that support a bridge or other structure.

The damaged rails do not pose a safety risk. No timeline has been released as to when the rails will be fixed.