Carteret Declares State of Emergency; Requests No Out-of-County Visitors


Carteret County Board of Commissioners Chair Bill Smith signed a proclamation of a state of emergency late Thursday morning in response to the new coronavirus outbreak, effective immediately.

The proclamation discourages those who are not residents or property owners from coming to the county in an effort to curb the spread of the virus, but it does not outright ban entry into the county.

“While we realize that this decision comes with tremendous impacts and restrictions, we feel that discouraging travel to our County at this time is in the best interest of public safety,” the proclamation states.


The proclamation also orders all county employees, county law enforcement officers and emergency personnel subject to county jurisdiction cooperate with enforcing the proclamation.

The Beacon is waiting on a response from the county as to what enforcement would look like, as no enforcement measures were specified.

No other restrictions were included in the proclamation.

“Carteret County is prepared and ready to respond should COVID-19 be confirmed in our County. We will continue to work with the County’s administrative staff and public health officials to educate residents and to keep our citizens informed on precautions to avoid contact and potential spread of the virus,” Chair Smith stated in the proclamation.

Read the full proclamation:


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