UPDATED: Storm’s Worst Impacts Aren’t Even Here Yet

A National Weather Service radar image showing rain bands approaching the coast from the east at 4:40 pm Saturday, Nov. 16.

Update 8 pm Saturday:

The National Weather Service in Morehead City and Newport reports that winds are at their peak now, but will remain steady throughout the night. Recent wind gust observations as of 6:30 pm:

  • Fort Macon: 60 mph around 6 pm
  • Cape Lookout: 52 mph around 5 pm
  • Beaufort: 49 mph around 5:45 pm
  • Cedar Island: 48 mph around 5 pm

Update 7:30 pm Saturday


The Carteret County Sheriff’s Office has reported that parts of Highway 12 near Cedar Island are flooded with several inches of water.

This is the result of storm surge on a low tide; the next high tide in that area is around 2 am. The National Weather Service has warned that tomorrow’s high tides could be worse.

Flooding has also been reported in South River. Linda Lewis posted photos to Facebook a round 7 pm showing significant flooding at Kenny Pittman’s Seafood.

Original story

While Saturday has been wet and blustery, to say the least, the biggest impacts of this weekend’s low pressure system haven’t even begun. As with most coastal systems, the worst impacts will be experienced in the east, especially Down East.


As of 4 pm Saturday Beaufort was experiencing light rain with winds of 30 mph and gusts of 49 mph, according to the local National Weather Service. Cedar Island is the other Carteret weather station tracked by the NWS, but data was not available.

Wind & Rain

Taking a look at the 2:30 pm Saturday NWS forecast:

Rain will pick up tonight, with more than 2 inches expected at locations between Cape Lookout and Cape Hatteras. The heaviest rain should fall during the early morning hours. Precipitation amounts decrease east to west, but all of Carteret can expect substantial rain through tonight.

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In the Beaufort area, high winds will peak this evening around 36 mph with gusts up to 49 mph before gradually decreasing. The Cedar Island area is effectively experiencing tropical storm level conditions and will see winds peaking around 45 mph with gusts at 56 mph tonight.

This storm is a slow moving one though, and winds aren’t expected to drop below 30 mph around Beaufort until Sunday afternoon, and will stay above 30 mph around Cedar Island until Sunday evening.

Watch a Live Stream of Conditions at the local NWS


Our area has already seen some coastal flooding, but forecasts show the worst is yet to come. At high tide Saturday areas of Merrimon, Stacy, Cedar Island and Highway 12 were experiencing overwash. Tonight’s high tide is forecast to be higher than this morning, and Sunday morning’s will be even higher. Flood risk continues into the early hours of Monday.

Check the tides in your location

The Coastal for Emergency Risks Assessment (CERA) is forecasting up to 4 feet of flooding – actual water above normally dry ground – in low-lying areas of Davis, Cedar Island, Harkers Island, Straits, Marshallberg and the Morehead/Beaufort Causeway and along Adams Creek and North River.

Saturday’s flood forecast from CERA. Click the map to see the most recent forecast.

The 4 feet amount is a maximum forecast and applies to the lowest areas, not built up areas such at Highway 70 itself on the Morehead/Beaufort Causeway. The NWS forecast calls for “up to 2 to 4 feet” in these areas.

However, we most certainly will be seeing flooding on Highway 12 near Cedar Island and areas of Highway 70 Down East. There also seems to be potential for some overwash on Highway 70 near the North Harbor neighborhood south of East Carteret High School, according to the CERA forecast.

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