Bottoms’ Resignation is a Big Loss for Carteret County


To the Editor:

Many moons ago I taught with Mat Bottoms at West Carteret High School when he served as band director. He was the quintessential model teacher for many of us. Quiet and self-effacing, he was, and is today, committed to student success and educational excellence.

Consequently, I was thrilled as I watched him progress up through Carteret County school administration all the way to superintendent, excelling at each level.


Now, seeing that he has stepped away from his very successful career due to the machinations of a corrupted Carteret County Board of Commissioners and Board of Education, I am saddened. And yet, I am still proud to know this man. He is an educator of honor and integrity, as his decision here proves.

The students, teachers and residents of Carteret County have lost an irreplaceable advocate and leader.

Carteret County residents, I beseech you to research the qualifications and actions of ALL candidates of local boards, both BOE and county, before every election. Look at the repercussions of past board decisions. Are they serving student growth or political agendas? In my opinion, not enough of us did so in the 2018 election. Resulting in our current education crisis is our Board of Commissioners and Board of Education.

And here we are. We have lost Mat. Shame on you, Mark Mansfield, Bob Cavanaugh, Robin Comer, John McLean, and all the rest of you.

Péne diMaio
Former Faculty Member, Carteret County Public Schools


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