Beaufort Moving Town Entrance to Turner Street In Preparation for Checkpoints


The Town of Beaufort will only be accessible by entering on Turner Street at US 70 beginning Sunday, April 5. The change will remain in effect until 5:59 am April 29 unless extended.

The town’s current entrance at NC 101 and US 70 will be closed, and the northern entrance will remain closed. Beaufort closed two of the three entry points into town on March 23 as part of a stay-at-home order to slow the spread of COVID-19.

“The change of entry from NC 101 at US 70 is being made for the protection of our police officers as we transition to the operation of identification checkpoints,” town staff stated in a news release sent out around 3:30 Friday afternoon.


The town did not specify when checkpoints would begin, but Public Information Officer Rachel Johnson said they would not be active on Sunday.

At checkpoints, all adult passengers in a vehicle will have to prove county residency or employment to be allowed entry. Second homeowners that were not already in town before the Governor’s stay-at-home order went into place Monday are not permitted to enter town.

There are several ways town and county residents can prove residency:

  • Full-time residents will receive entry passes at the address listed on their utility bills. They should also show ID.
  • Apartment complex residents where water is included in rent will receive passes from the property management team.
  • Essential employees will receive passes through their employers. They should also show ID. If an employee does not have a pass yet, they may show their license plus an ID badge or pay stub.
  • County residents who need to grocery shop or conduct other essential activities in Beaufort may enter with an license or military ID that has a county address.
  • Out-of-county residents who are taking care of an ill or elderly family member in Beaufort and need to leave town limits and return should email [email protected] for guidance.

The town has requested that passengers not roll down their windows when approaching checkpoints. Passes and IDs should be held up to the window.

Any questions should be directed to [email protected].


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