Beaufort Infrastructure, Parks Projects Inching Forward


Town Engineer Greg Meshaw presented updates on several town projects to the Beaufort Board of Commissioners Monday, Feb. 10. The town has pledged to publish timelines and monthly updates of the various parks, roads, and utilities projects in the works. Future updates will be presented at BOC meetings and posted on the town website’s project page.

Scroll through our rundown of February’s updates below, or check out the presentation given at the meeting.


Street Resurfacing

Town staff will open contractor bids for a small street rehabilitation project March 3. The project will focus on streets that do not have damaged or out-of-date water or sewer lines beneath them. The board will discuss any successful bids at their March 9 meeting.


Sub-Street Utility Work & Future Street Resurfacing

A much larger project that will address outdated utilities underneath town streets and the dozens of streets in failing or poor condition is also in the works. Look for more on the project’s timeline, funding sources and how this project differs with the small one above next week in The Eastern Beacon.

Professional Park Drive Sewer Repair

The town found a hole in a sewer line at Professional Park Drive via television inspection. That section of the pipe will be replaced. Bids will be opened Feb. 20, and Meshaw says they have had good response to the advertisement.

Campen Road Waterline

The town is replacing two-inch pipe with 6-inch pipe from Carraway Drive to Eastport Apartments. The project has been planned, permits are in hand, and the project will go out for bid in April or May.

Sidewalks & Crosswalks

Turner Street

The town is planning to widen the west sidewalk on the 100 block of Turner Street. The town will start taking bids for the project as soon as Friday. A retaining wall will have to be constructed, as the sidewalk is about 18 inches higher than the street. Meshaw said they may add an ADA-compliant mid-block ramp and crosswalk to the project. The goal is to advertise bids for the project by Friday, Feb. 14.


Campen Road

A project to add a sidewalk along Campen Drive on either side of Live Oak Street is on hold due to lack of available state Department of Transportation funding. DOT is responsible for constructing the crosswalk connecting the two sidewalk ends, and the town cannot pour the new sidewalks until DOT releases plans for the crosswalk. Otherwise the two won’t match up. Meshaw said he is hoping DOT will be able to tell him where the crosswalk begins and ends so the town can move forward regardless of DOT funding.

Tiller School

The town has planned a crosswalk that will stretch across Live Oak Street from the Tiller School parking lot to the sidewalk in front of First Free Will Baptist Church. Next week, town staff will contact NC DOT for approval and to request they fund the project.


Cedar Street Park

Construction drawings for Cedar Street Park are underway. The park, which will be located at the western end of Cedar Street where the drawbridge used to be, will be a green space with walking paths, fishing areas, a pavilion, restrooms and a parking area. An information center may be added at the cul-de-sac, Meshaw said. The property is still owned by NC DOT. After the plans are completed, DOT will resurface the pavement and hand ownership over to the town.

Plans for Cedar Street Park as of January 9, 2020.

Randolph Johnson Park

Waters Contracting Company has been given the notice to proceed with construction of Randolph Johnson park. Meshaw said they have been consistently in contact with the town, and the project is scheduled for completion July 9, 2020. Several BOC members expressed a desire to push for a July 4 opening date. The park, located at the eastern end of Pine Street, will include a playground, splash pad, music garden, picnic shelter, restrooms and green spaces. The town has also begun planning sidewalks connecting the park to other areas of Beaufort.

Topsail Park

Topsail Park is a small green space and dock on Taylor’s Creek between Front Street Grill at Stillwater and the former Spouter Inn. The town received a $14,000 Soil and Water Conservation District Grant to put in a native plant garden, and the Beaufort Garden Club is consulting on the project. Work has been suspended until the demolition of the Spouter Inn, which was destroyed by fire in December.

Plans for Topsail Park on Front Street.