FINAL: Incumbents Take Beaufort Commissioner Race


This story will be updated throughout the evening.

Updated 9:23 pm:
Beaufort Commissioners John Hagle, Sharon Harker and Marianna Hollinshed won their seats back for another term in today’s election.

Mayor Rett Newton, who ran unopposed, will serve a second term.


The three incumbent commissioners had two challengers: Beaufort Historic Preservation Commission member Heather Poling and former county Democratic Party Chair Kenneth Humphrey.

Final Election Results for Beaufort

Beaufort Mayor

  • Rett Newton – 510 votes, 96.05 percent
  • Write-in – 21 votes, 3.95 percent

Beaufort Commissioner

  • Sharon Harker – 487 votes, 30.82 percent
  • Marianna Hollinshed – 383 votes, 24.24 percent
  • John Hagle – 367 votes, 23.23 percent
  • Heather Poling – 200 votes, 12.66 percent
  • Kenneth Humphrey – 136 votes, 8.61 percent
  • Write-in – 7, .44 percent

Previous Story:
Early and one-stop voting results for the 2019 election have been tabulated, and the three incumbents running for re-election to the Beaufort Board of Commissioners are in the lead.

Final results will be available later this evening.


Early voting results for town commissioners are as follows:

  • John Hagle – 171 (Incumbent)
  • Sharon Harker – 231 (Incumbent)
  • Marianna Hollinshed – 182 (Incumbent)
  • Kenneth Humphrey – 70
  • Heather Poling – 97

There were five votes for write-in candiates.

Current Beaufort mayor, Rett Newton, ran unopposed and is the presumed winner of that election. Newton took 236 early votes, and there were 14 write-in votes.

Ten other Carteret municipalities also went to the polls today. Results of those races will be reported as soon as final numbers are available.