Beaufort Checkpoints to Begin Thursday


The Town of Beaufort announced Wednesday afternoon that checkpoints will go into effect at the Turner Street Bridge town entrance Thursday, April 9. A specific time was not announced on the town’s website.

Anyone who lives in Carteret County full-time may enter town, as well as those who work essential business or are caregivers in Beaufort.

All adults entering the town should be prepared to show a form of ID or entry pass:

  • A driver’s license with a Carteret County address.
  • Beaufort residents should have received an entry pass by end of day today, which should be placed in a visible spot in your vehicle.
  • Those who work in Beaufort should have received an entry pass from their employer to hang on their rear view mirror.
  • If you need to access Beaufort as a caregiver, or if you are a county resident without an ID that states your full-time residential Carteret address, email [email protected]. If you are new resident of Beaufort from out-of-county, you may use the entry pass you received.
  • Second homeowners and tourists were prohibited from entering town as of the Governor’s stay-at-home order that went into effect at 5 pm March 30. Those who were in town before March 31 must shelter in place and nowhere else. Email [email protected] for more information.

The town has requested that drivers not roll down their window at checkpoints. Instead, they and any adult passengers should show their ID or pass through the window.

The town’s information page on checkpoints is here and the full page on COVID-19 can be found here. It includes full texts of proclamations, FAQs and more.

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