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Core Sound Waterfowl Museum Director Karen Amspacher gives introduces the night’s topic at Harm’s Way community forum Sept. 17.

Storms: Past, Present & Future

The Core Sound Waterfowl Museum and Heritage Center hosted a community forum last week to discuss the relationship Down East and other areas in Eastern Carteret have and will continue to have with severe storms.

The forum, lead by CSWM Director Karen Amspacher and county school system Communications Director Tabbie Nance, featured a panel of five local leaders who reflected on their communities’ experiences during Florence and Dorian and things to be mindful of in the future.Advertisement

The Beacon will be publishing an editorial on the event soon. In the mean time, take the storm survey at and visit

Beaufort Amendment Would Restrict Mooring

The Beaufort Board of Commissioners will vote on a proposed text amendment to the town’s navigable waters ordinances at their Oct. 14 meeting.

The amendment would prohibit vessels from anchoring in any of the town’s navigable waters during a hurricane warning, with the exception of the Town Creek Harbor of Refuge. The amendment does not prohibit people from tying up boats at their own docks.

Town Manager John Day said recent experiences with Hurricane Dorian, when several vessels broke anchor in town waters, prompted the proposed change to town code. The town has had an ongoing issue with vessels damaging property and shorelines and releasing pollutants into the water, especially after storms. For now, towns have been left to deal with their own waterways, but the state may soon take action on the issue.

Did you know? Portsmouth Island is still listed by the US Census Bureau. Population: 0.Advertisement

The models are all over the place for Karen, a current tropical depression that doesn’t seem to know who to release her anger upon. (South Florida WMD)

Karen Can’t Find the Manager

There are two things we don’t know about Tropical Storm Karen: where she’s going and how angry she’ll be when she gets there.

The NHC is showing a track toward the east coast of Florida and gradual strengthening to near hurricane status over the next five days. As you can see from the spaghetti models though, there is plenty of uncertainty with Karen and we won’t know whether to placate her or ignore her for another several days.

Another system, Tropical Storm Lorenzo, is spinning out in the eastern Atlantic and is expected to turn into a pretty impressive hurricane. However, it will stay even further out to sea than TS Jerry is.

Cedar Island Wild Horse Population Decimated by Dorian

The Associated Press reported this morning that as many 28 of Cedar Island’s herd of 49 wild horses drowned during Hurricane Dorian. According to the report, herd manager Woody Hancock said that the herd usually heads to higher ground but was caught off guard. Take a look at this video of Cedar Island flooding during Dorian.Advertisement

A new NC license plate honors line workers and benefits the NC Jaycee Burn Center at UNC Healthcare.

“Keeping the Lights On” Plate Approved

The state General Assembly has approved a new license plate design honoring line workers.

“Recently, our state has been hit hard by storms, and these workers undertake heroic efforts to restore power as quickly as possible to our communities,” said NC Electric Cooperatives Sr. VP and COO Nelle Hotchkiss. “We can’t thank them enough for all they do, and we’re proud to pay tribute to their expertise, professionalism and dedication.”

The plates will be $30 each, and $20 of that amount benefits the NC Jaycee Burn Center.

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