Advertise With The Eastern Beacon

Advertise with the Eastern Beacon and reach thousands of Carteret County residents and visitors. Injected ads start at just $25 a month! Full details below.

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Display ads are sold in shares. There is a predetermined number of shares available for each ad space, and ads rotate randomly between shareholders every time a reader visits our website. For example: if you own one of the three shares allotted to the Top Sidebar area, your ad will be shown to every third person who visits a page on our site. So if 1,800 people visit the site that day, your Top Sidebar ad will be shown to 600 of them.

  • Pricing is by the month
  • Get one free month when you sign a 6-month contract paid up front
  • Bundle two or more ad spots and save! Call 252-732-0828 or email for more info.
  • Ads are visible on desktop, tablet and mobile devices
  • All readers see our ads, there is no paid opt-out option
  • Ads are linked directly to your website, Facebook page or any other online source you’d like to send customers to
  • In addition to our regular website traffic, we share stories on our own Facebook page and a Facebook discussion group of nearly 5,000 area residents and visitors that we own and moderate
  • We offer a 20% discount for all verified nonprofit groups

Check out our rates and placements below or download the sales sheet.

We have space available! Contact us to get started.

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