2020 Elections: Candidate Filing Closes; All Local Seats Challenged


Candidate filing for the 2020 elections closed at noon Friday. Primaries will take place on March 3, 2020, followed by the general election Nov. 3, 2020.

North Carolina holds semi-closed primaries, meaning unaffiliated voters may choose which party to vote with, but those registered by party affiliation may only vote for the party they are registered under.

A primary candidate must get 30 percent of the vote, plus 1, to gain the party’s nomination, else a runoff election will be held.


Photo ID will be required in 2020.

Here is the list of candidates for county commissioner, county school board, and Carteret representatives for the NC General Assembly and US Congress. Candidates are listed in alphabetical order.* Incumbent candidates are in italics.

Carteret County Board of Commissioners

County commissioner and Board of Education districts

District 3 (most of Morehead City)

  • Bob Cavanaugh (Republican)
  • Chimer D. Clark (R)
  • Kathleen Colbert (Democrat)

District 4 (Bogue Banks, downtown Morehead)

  • Jimmy Farrington (R)
  • Rosalie T. Ruegg (D)

District 5 (Beaufort, Hwy 101)

  • Liz Ponder (D)
  • Eddie Bo Wheatly (R)

Carteret County Board of Education

School board districts are the same as commissioner districts

District 2 (Newport area)

  • Jerry Buttery (R)
  • Jake Godwin (D)
  • Jennifer Johnson (D)
  • Katie Statler (R)

District 3 (most of Morehead City)

  • Lucy Marino Bond (D)
  • Dennis M. Goodwin (R)

District 4 (Bogue Banks, downtown Morehead)

  • Andrea Phillips Beasley (R)
  • Travis Day (R)

NC State Senate

District 2 (Carteret, Craven, Pamlico)

  • Libbie Griffin (D)
  • Tim Harris (Libertarian)
  • Norman W. Sanderson (R)

NC House of Representatives

District 13 (Carteret, Jones)

  • Buck Bayliff (D)
  • Patricia (Pat) McElraft (R)

US House of Representatives

District 3

  • Daryl Farrow (D)
  • Greg Murphy (R)

US Senate

  • Shannon W. Bray (L)
  • Cal Cunningham (D)
  • Trevor Fuller (D)
  • Atul Goel (D)
  • Kevin E. Hayes (Constitution)
  • Larry Holmquist (R)
  • Sharon Y. Hudson (R)
  • Erica D. Smith (D)
  • Steve Swenson (D)
  • Thom Tillis (R)
  • Paul Wright (R)

*Editor’s Note: As NC primaries are only semi-closed and 30.5 percent of the state electorate is Unaffiliated (as of press time), The Beacon lists candidates alphabetically by name rather than party.